Welcome to the The Secret Life of BorisEdit

The person who owns the YouTube channel identifies himself as slav, and he actually is. Everyone is asking to see the Slav Superstar The King of Shashlik Boris's face as they want to know more about him. Recent anonymous interviews with him personally acquired the data that he is Moldovian. He is born in the 19th of May in a slavic winter in the Bulgarian village of Zvenimir (Звенимир) in 1990. His family were Moldovians moved to Bulgaria, during the Communism times. Ex-Communist Bulgaria's economy almost collapsed, so they had to move back to Moldova but after he had to move to Tallinn, Estonia for his work as a programmer . He started his education as engineer, but then decided to go with programming. Our slav Superstar uploaded his first video in 6.07.2012 to be able to entertain his friends. Then he continued making videos and received so much interest from his audition that he left his job as programmer in Estonia to do full-time YouTube videos.

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