House of Draculesti


Before Vald the Implaler was born, Vald II Dracul and his father Mircea ruled the branch of Draculesti. They have a feud with Danesti. The members murder some of Danesti's people. They gained power in Wallachia. The descendents ruled Transylvania. Danesti wanted  revenge over Draculesti. Draculesti executed one of their own members to even out the plan. Dracula and his father  thinks it was time to end the feud. Danesti wouldn't allow it. Dracula creates an powerful sword that will be part of the Dragon" Order of the Dragon". The leader of Danesit Dan I who crashed the House. They destroyed everything.  Dracula had enough with the feud. Draculesti and Danesti had an bloody battle. After the battle, The witch Agnes saw all of them dead. She took the Dracula's sword. He left a will about Lilith and his son.

200 years later,