Some attributes
First Born: 1579
Second Age: 133
Third Species: Vampire
Other attributes
Fourth Friend/Budding Romance: Cora
Fifth Birth Father: Dracula

Birth Mother: Lilith Adoptive Parents: Mary and Willam

Sixth Unborn Daughter: Faith

Boris "Bo" is a vampire and the Dark Warrior. His favourite meal is shashlik and favourite spice is mayonez.


Boris was born in Transylvania where his father Dracula ruled.Dracula impregnated the vampire queen Lilith. Boris was concieved. The Salem Witch Abigail confirm the pregnancy to Lilith. 9 months later, Lilith gave birth to Boris. The vampire hunters attacked the castle. Lilith was kidnapped. Dracula was looking for Boris but he was gone.  Infant Boris was in a wooden basket.  Mary and Willam founded him and adopted him. 4 years later,They founded out that the Boris was a vampire. The humans kidnapped Boris. They tortured and raped him. After Boris got older, he became evil and deadly. Boris's adopted siblings Rose and Sebastian was trying stop him. They banish him from his home. Before he was born, Dracula drunk the blood of the Danesti (Original Vampires).  

Boris went on to create a popular Youtube channel titled "Life of Boris" centered around Slavic cuisine, games, etiquette and lifestyle. 

The Dark WarriorEdit

Boris resides in Transylvania. He is going off on an killing spree. Boris suddenly saves and meet a smart mouth, tech student Cora. Boris wanted to kill her but he disappears.

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